Review: Save Me by Jenny Elliott

savemeI can definitely say that this book is one of my new favorites. It starts off with a girl named Cara who lives in a small town in Oregon. She loves whale watching, and an accident occurs on the boat that she’s on. A new tourist named David saves her and the connection between them is undeniable. But then she finds out that they can’t really be together because of some unexpected circumstances. Cara also meets another guy named Garren, who is a little too perfect, but Cara is (surprisingly) not attracted to him. Cara and Garren become really good friends. Meanwhile, Cara’s best friend, Rachel, is not acting like herself. It’s almost as if she’s under some sort of spell…

Save Me, by Jenny Elliott, is the perfect mix of love and the supernatural. You will definitely fall in love with the characters and want to keep reading. The romantic part of the plot-line is a little bit unrealistic, but overall, this is a great novel.

Reviewed by Brina Patel