Teens will need to register for each Take & Make that they would like. This was an amazing alternative to live, in-person programs during the pandemic. Even though we are moving out of those wild pandemic times, the take & makes seemed to work well for the teenage crowd. With extracurriculars, service hour requirements, literal jobs, obligations with family or friends, we hear that teenagers are busy people! Sometimes even busier than the average adult. For that reason, we will continue to offer take and make kits for teens going forward.

Edible Marshmallow Slime Take Home Kits - sign-up here
Pickup Monday, January 9th to Sunday, January 15th
Get messy at home with take and make edible marshmallow slime!

Oscar Award Night Take Home Kits - sign-up starts January 20th at 9am
Pickup Monday, March 6th through Sunday, March 12th
Get ready for Oscar Night 2023 on March 12th with this Hollywood-themed take home kit!

Please note, TEEN programs are for TEENS in Grades 9-12. For Adult Take & Makes, see the Makerspace. For Kid Take & Makes (Baby to Grade 8), see the Youth Department.

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