FINALLY! We will be resurrecting the Teen Anime Club this October! Anime Club will be meeting in person, as long as that pesky Delta Variant of the Coronavirus doesn't flare up again. You can expect each club meeting to have a theme along with watching some anime.

October Anime Club: Kintsukuroi Pottery
Thursday, October 14th from 3:30-5pm

November Anime Club: Lolita & Yami-Kawaii Fashion
Thursday, November 18th from 3:30-5pm

Please note, the TEEN anime club is for TEENS in Grades 9-12. Adults (anyone over 18) are welcome to attend the Adult Anime Club but we cannot allow grown adults to mingle with high school students in the teen club.

Want to watch some anime from home? Check out these streaming services which do offer some anime for free without paid subscriptions!